Thursday, June 7, 2018

Chic Picnic Workshop

We had a lot of fun with Susan Forbes at our workshop yesterday.  I was very grateful for the experience Susan brought to us - I would never have figured out how to do some of the necessary trimming without her help.

Somebody's really happy to be here.

Hard at work.

Susan with perfect posture at the machine.

Some of the gals with completed blocks.

Monday, May 21, 2018

May meeting - Susan Forbes

Susan Forbes works and teaches at Creative Sisters Quilt Studio in Kitchener.  She brought a great trunk show which was heavily padded (heh heh) with curved piecing. 
Susan will be returning to teach a workshop in June - Chic Picnic, using the Quick Curve Ruler.
You can reach Susan at sforbes @ (remove the spaces).

A small team put in a great deal of effort to finalize our Constitution & Bylaws, and our Member Handbook.  Both documents are now included in the info bar at the top of the blog.  Excellent work ladies.  Thank you!


This will close out the current season and see us wish a greatful farewell to the executive members who worked so hard for the benefit of the guild over the past two years, and who will pass their batons to a new team.

  • POT LUCK SUPPER - 6 pm.  Bring your food contribution and your own dishes/cutlery.
  • DRAW FOR THE FAT QUARTERS - we've been collecting fat quarters all year from the members - each fat quarter got a draw ticket.  Someone will go home with lots of fabric.
  • DRAW FOR THE $$ COLLECTED FOR UFO COMPLETIONS - this challenge may have been a bust. At this point there are only three entries of $5.00 each.

Monday, April 16, 2018

April Meeting with Leslie Prokop

Leslie Prokop, of JP's Quilt Studio came in an SUV loaded with fabric.  Notice that none of those ladies are empty-handed?

Leslie also brought along her husband-assistant to "man" (ahem) the cash register.

As her trunk show, Leslie presented many (!) antique quilts that had been made by her grandmother.  Some, like this, were utilitarian.

Others, like this, demonstrate Grandmother's skill and the reason why she was a multiple-award winning quilter.

Leslie also regaled us with some stories from the journals that had been written every day from the time her grandmother was eight years old.  Wow.  If your guild would like to contact Leslie, her email address is jpquiltstudio@ (take out the space).

May 9 Meeting

At the next meeting our guest will be Susan Forbes, whose focus is on quilts with curved piecing.  You will find Susan on Instagram as susanforbesquilts .

Don't forget:

  • your Block of the Month
  • your Fat Quarters for the June draw - some lucky winner is going to go home with a LOT of fat quarters!
  • your completed UFO's for Show 'n Share, along with $5 if you want to join the draw for UFO-completers
  • your Squares if you're in the fabric swap
  • your coffee mug

Sunday, April 1, 2018

March's Meeting

Sarah Yetman was a very interesting speaker who brought a large sampling of quilts.  HERE is a link to a newspaper article about her.


Leslie Prokop from JP Studios will be giving us a trunk show and bringing her shop items for sale.  Bring some $$$
Don't forget your usual items like Show 'n Share, Block of the Month, fabric squares for the swap group, library books that need to be returned, and your coffee mug.

Sunday, February 25, 2018

A No-Pic Post

So, yeah, our February meeting consisted of two teaching stations - one for paper piecing and one for scalloped borders.  Since I was leading the scalloped borders lesson there are no photos.  However, hopefully all our members were SO MOTIVATED that the March show 'n share will be filled with paper pieced quilts finished with scalloped borders. 😀

Wednesday March 14th
Trunk Show by Sarah Yetman from Brantford.  A CQA winner from the 2017 Quilt Canada show, and the provincial winner from OAAS 2017.

Friday, January 12, 2018

December & January meetings

Goodness knows where the time went, but I neglected to update the blog from our December meeting.  You're getting a two-fer in this post.

Our mission after filling our bellies with a pot luck supper was to make a felt Christmas ornament.
Many little felt squares strung on a heavy thread.

Our fearless leader of the project - just too darned happy for words. 😀
We were educated by Anita Zobens of Cotton Mill Threadworks on the subject of threads & quilting.

She brought a good supply of stock for us to shop from.  I started out the night with money in my wallet, but Anita went home with it in hers.  Heh, heh, heh.

We also had the showing of Challenge #1 - the Kleenex Box Challenge.

Ten members brought in completed quilts that were made using inspiration from a Kleenex box.  Sadly, I think a few quilts have turned into UFOs...hopefully we will see them in the coming months.


  • We will have two demo stations set up and they will run for a half hour each.  One will cover Paper Piecing and the other will cover Scalloped Borders.
  • Signup will be open for Challenge #2 - Leftover Bits & UFOs.  Sign up and pay $5.00 for each project you register.  Completed projects have a June 2018 deadline.  Each completed project between February and June will get you one ballot.  We will be drawing for the amount paid into the pot.  If there is a substantial amount we'll draw more than one number and split the pot between the winners.

Saturday, November 11, 2017

November Teaching Stations

A major purpose of a guild is to share knowledge that will help all of us be better quilters.  To this end we occasionally have teaching stations and the members rotate between them.

Station #1 was dealing with practicing good physical positioning - ergonomics.

Station #2 taught the basics of making a mitered border.


  • Pot Luck Supper - don't forget to bring not only your food item, but also your plate(s) and cutlery.  We want to avoid washing dishes at the church.
  • A Christmas craft-making session will follow the meal.
  • Bring the pillowcases and any other items you wish to donate to Martha House women's shelter.  Sharon has generously offered to deliver them to the shelter.
  • Bring some extra cash.  We will be offering for sale some of the estate items from Christine.
  • REMINDER - The Kleenex Box Challenge will be due at the January meeting.