Sunday, January 13, 2019

January - Member Quilts

January is such an IFFY month - the Program committee cannot depend on having decent weather, so it's rare that we'd have a guest speaker.  Tonight the members were asked to bring quilts they have made using "winnings" of some sort.  Winnings from the Block of the Month, or off the Draw Table, Fabric Swaps or...?

Here's a few that were shown:

And Shirley, bless her heart, always has some interesting techniques to share with us.  Tonight she did a short demo on String Quilts that are made with foundation piecing:

This will be a trunk show night so bring your camera, and a notepad to write down any great ideas.

Saturday, December 29, 2018

December Craft

We filled our bellies with each other's delicious cooking at the year end Christmas Pot Luck Supper.

Then we had a short meeting and settled in to work on this year's wee project:

Charlotte came with all our supplies prepared.

This looks ridiculously simple.  But try explaining it to a room full of women.

What a studious group.

With a little bit of help I think everyone went home with a completed star ornament.  Here is a LINK to a YouTube video for the project.

This will be an in-house trunk show by any members who can bring quilts they've made from items they have won at guild meetings - either through Block-Of-The-Month or the draw table or any other type of giveaway we've had.

Sunday, November 25, 2018

November Speaker & December Pot Luck

We had Robin Bogaert as our guest speaker.  Great trunk show.  You can reach her through her website.

DECEMBER 12 Will be our Christmas pot luck supper.
We will eat at 6 pm, so please arrive early enough - with your contribution and your dishes & cutlery.
We're also collecting items for the women's shelter so bring those with you.  Sharon has generously volunteered to co-ordinate delivery.

Sunday, October 28, 2018

October's Activities

We had so much fun... we made stilettos.  And fobs for our rotary cutters.

Due to a booking conflict at the church, this meeting is being RELOCATED to the Mason's Hall on the north end of town.   We will not have our (optional) dinner this month.
Our Guest speaker will be Robin Bogaert from Waterloo.

Friday, October 5, 2018

September meeting

September is the meeting when we catch up on our summer activities over coffee and hear what the guild will be doing for the coming year.  There's always lots of Show & Share, especially when the summer was as hot & humid as 2018 - many of us hunker down in our sewing room and enjoy the comfort of air conditioning.

This year we will be swapping 2 1/2" strips and there's a new Block of the Month.  The meetings will be filled with hands-on activities or guest speakers.

This will be a hands-on night.  If memory serves, we will be making stilettos.  All supplies will be provided.

Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Better Late Than Never - From The June Meeting & A NEW Season

We celebrate the end of our quilting season and the beginning of summer with a pot luck supper at our June meeting.  Here are some of the ladies waiting for the opportunity to sample some wonderful cooking.

One of our projects this past year was a quilt we made and donated to the Caledonia Agricultural Society.  This will be raffled off and the proceeds used for building renovations.

This is a leftover from a group project LAST year.  One of our members took it home and got it quilted, so it went in our pile earmarked for donation to a needy community member.

If you'd like to investigate quilting as a hobby, feel free to join us for our season-opening meeting.

Details, price & location in the sidebar.  Members have access to an extensive library of quilting and stitchery books.  And of course, access to many skilled members who are happy to lead newbies by the hand.

Thursday, June 7, 2018

Chic Picnic Workshop

We had a lot of fun with Susan Forbes at our workshop yesterday.  I was very grateful for the experience Susan brought to us - I would never have figured out how to do some of the necessary trimming without her help.

Somebody's really happy to be here.

Hard at work.

Susan with perfect posture at the machine.

Some of the gals with completed blocks.