Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Interviews with the UFO-ers

Q: Hello Candace. Why are you here at UFO day today?
A: I am avoiding work and home responsibilities. It's the only way I can get any sewing done.

Q: Charlotte, you are obviously enjoying yourself. Why are you here today?
A: I hate my dungeon at home - I can't see anything. I come here to sew. And I get feedback on lobster colour from the other girls.

Q: Lydia it's good to see you back at sewing days. Why are you here today?
A: I am escaping from family and friends who bug me all day long. I want to frikkin' sew!!

Q: Ann, you always bring your lovely hand applique with you. Why are you here today?
A: This is a forced social outing for me and my Ott light. We are avoiding the Howard Hughes syndrome. And it's a bit of dedicated time for sewing.

Q: Janice now that you're retired we see you more and more. Why are you here today?
A: I like the company - I come to socialize and sew. And I have to collect the cash, you know?

Q: Helen, you seem to be talking to yourself as the interviewer and the interviewee. Why are you here today?
A: I am avoiding work at home, since I work at home. Also, I needed fodder for the guild blog. And I wanted to converse with someone who walks on two legs for a change.

Friday, March 19, 2010

March Review and Extra UFO Day

This month we are having an EXTRA sewing day to clean up those UFO's. Wednesday March 24th, from 9 am-ish until 4:30-ish. Bring $5 for your share of the church rental, and your current UFO.

Here is a sneak peek at our Red Dress quilt for the Heart & Stroke Foundation. Hand quilting was started at our meeting on March 10th and will continue in April.

The Three Sisters gave us a great trunk show at our March meeting and kept us giggling for an hour. These are some of the quilts they shared with us.

Monday, March 8, 2010

March meeting & Sewing Machine Videos

We will have the Four Sisters (really only three - one of them is down with illness) from the Tillsonburg area for a trunk show & talk. I've seen them before and they are very entertaining.

The show will start at 7:30 and our business portion will follow.

Bring your thimbles to put a few stitches in the Red Dress quilt.
YouTube has some fun videos about sewing machines, if you want to kill some time.
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

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