Saturday, March 29, 2014

Upcoming on April 9th

Jim & Louise Clark from the Red Bobbin will be coming to the guild.  Don't miss it! 

What's an EXTRA UFO DAY?

A few times each year we have EXTRA UFO sewing days.  $5 covers your share of rent for the hall.  That will give you some dedicated time to:

Lay out your Oh My Gosh.  And get some opinions about the placement of the borders.  And listen to everyone say "oh my gosh".

Sadly, it gives you time to do some frog stitching.  rip it, rip it.

And the sampler quilt you started so long ago the quilt shop closed and reopened under another name?... you can finally get the blocks laid out.

And for the diehard hand quilters.  Ha ha ha - can you guess how long that border stripe fabric has been waiting for some attention?

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

March Scrappy

There were 14 of us at Scrappy Club yesterday.  You can see the assortment of projects that are in various states.  We are all having such a good bit of progress on our stash(es) - this has been the BEST idea ever. Having a fixed day every month to work on just one quilt is working our super for me.
Some of the members are uber-organized (I am not included in that bunch) and have kept a binder of the patterns selected every month.  I have added a list of them - see the top of the blog - there is a page for the SCRAPPY CLUB.  Then you can follow along, if you like.  The block in the bottom right corner of the above photo is mine.  A link to that pattern is here: Majestic Mountains.

One of the gals brought ginger snaps (yum, yum!) and another picked up brownies and Easter cookies when she did the lunch run to Jones Bakery.  Throughout the day I eavesdropped heard a gamut of conversations on babies, sex, parents (is there a theme here?), weather, nutrition, exercise, vacations, Pinterest (I also learned how to Pin a photo of my own to a board), along with plenty of chat about quilting.

On Wednesday March 26th we have an EXTRA UFO SEWING DAY on the schedule, so come along and bring your $5 for hall rent. 10 a.m. until 4:30 p.m.

Our next guild meeting will be Wednesday April 9th.  At this point, I don't know what is on the Program but I'm sure it will be great.  Sewing for those who would like to come is from 10 - 5:30.  The real meeting starts at 7:30.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014


Mother Nature is not finished with us yet. You will all have to stay home and quilt today.  I'd apologize (being a typical Canadian) but you should be used to this by now.