Thursday, December 11, 2008

December 10th meeting

I was so excited to get to the church today because I knew we had our FIRST PIECE OF MAIL waiting for us in our new mail slot at the church.

Ha ha ha ha... it's junk mail from the County, wanting us to advertise. Will someone out there please send us some quilt-related mail? Bookmarks for a quilt show, maybe? Entry forms for a challenge? Anybody???

This is a great shot of three of Santa's elves: Lydia, Barb and Irene.

Lydia is our not-so-secret Santa. She put together a great little Christmas baggie for everyone.

And Monica (did she have help??? Inquiring minds want to know) provided everyone with their own Christmas napkin to get us through our pot luck supper. How cute is that!! Making 30-some of those took a whole bunch of time and energy.

And, of course, Janet had our cook book CDs ready for us. I forgot to buy mine (actually, I was sidelined by someone and never made it back over there) and I forgot to take a photo of the lovely stack of CDs. Thank you Janet, I'll get my copy from you later.

I'm pretty sure we have the BEST guild in the country. I hope our habits of helping, sharing and volunteering continue through the years to come.

Merry Christmas everyone! See you in January.