THE SCRAPPY CLUB and pattern links

The Scrappy Club is an offshoot of the quilt guild.  Since we all have such an unrelenting stash, it was decided that perhaps we should try (!) to get a handle on our communal problem.  The first meeting was held in August, 2013 and we've been meeting every month except December.  We are sneaking up quietlyRotary cutters in hand.  Whittling down the piles...

Some of the members are pumping out a quilt every month, God bless 'em.  Me, I've only completed two, and I'm working on a third.  We are all stitching at our own pace, but you can see that we have been given lots of ideas to work with.

Sue gets a pattern to us every month.  We can make a quilt with that selection, or do something else (like maybe continue working on the selection from four months ago.  Ahem.)At our meeting in May 2014 Sue decided that since we are getting overwhelmed with patterns there would be no pattern for June 2014.

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