Sunday, January 12, 2014

January - Sun Bonnet Sue

This meeting was held at a different location so the church ladies did not feed us.  With the insanely cold temps outside some of the gals stayed in and had meat pies for supper.  Five of us braved the subzero temps and ventured out to the Cornerstone for supper.  Great meals all around.

Our guest speaker this month was Kaaren Biggs from Simcoe.  She did a great talk on Sun Bonnet Sue.  If you'd like to contact her for either a lecture or sewing/quilting classes her email address is " kdoublea @ "  (take out the spaces and the " marks)

Some of our members brought in their own SBS quilts.

Feb. 12th at our usual location.  Marilyn Micchelin from the Niagara Heritage Quilters Guild will be coming to talk about Quilt Canada 2014.
AND:  Don't forget to bring your Cell Phone Wallet with $10 worth of stuff in it if you are participating in the February Valentines Bag Swap.
Sewing day will take place as usual before the meeting, from 9:30 until 5:30.  My plan is to have all the parts necessary for us to finish the top we are making for the Cross Border Challenge with Caledonia, NY.

Friday, January 3, 2014


Our January meeting will be relocated to St. Paul's Anglican Church, 27 Orkney St E, Caledonia.
Our regular church had a conflict so we are moving this one meeting to another local church.  Sewing will still be going on all day at St. Paul's from 9:30 until 5-ish.  We are on our own for supper, so I think a bunch of us will either order pizza or go to a local restaurant.

Program January 8/14 - Kaaren L. Biggs is coming to talk about Sunbonnet Sue quilts. She would like to invite guild members to participate in a Show and Tell by bringing any and all Sue items that they may have.

The good news is I bought myself a new camera (gotta love for their boxing day sales!) so you might see some pics of this meeting.  If I get the software and wifi for the camera figured out.  Yay.

The Valentines Bag Swap pattern can be found here.  I will also bring some paper versions of the pattern to the January meeting.  This year it's a cell phone wallet.  If you would like to join the fun, simply make a bag and put $10 worth of 'stuff' in it.  The stuff can be anything - it's not necessarily sewing related.  Gift cards are ok, too.  Bring the bag to our February meeting - there will be a swap table set up.  If you bring a bag you can take a bag.