Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Sewing Day This Wednesday & Hand Quilting

We had a good crowd Monday night. Lois is Keeper of the Key. She was recovering after a week spent with her daughter and two grandsons. Hanna and Ann were both 'getting away from it all'. Dineke was just back from vacation in Meaford. She was catching up with Madeline who has recently retired. It seems she's taken up murdering carpenter ants in lieu of paid employment. Lorraine came by after her church meeting to work on her newly acquired hand quilting skills. Monica popped in to crack the whip. I was there to put in my hours and see some real live people.
Notice Monica showing off her tube of Udder Cream? She was trying to make a buck by selling squirts for $2. (ok, I'm just kidding - she wasn't really)

This Wednesday is our guild sewing day. Bring your stuff and $5 admission. Bring a friend if you like. And don't forget your lunch. You can pop over to the arena and do some hand quilting if you haven't done so yet. As you can see the quilt is shrinking fast - just like the Wicked Witch of the West!

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