Monday, October 26, 2009

Jumping in for Helen

Hi Gals

Our Mightly Blog Woman asked me to drop in a note or 2 since she missed the October meeting. Was she material shopping again or just sewing??? Hmm.

Well our meetings are off and running again for another year. Amazing how fast the time goes by too bad the amount of sewing doesn't increase!. I love the ugly fabric exchange, can't wait to see just how ugly they get. The new stripper club should reveal some beauties with the colours all set out each month, great idea Floris Anne. I think Bernadette has done the best block of the month so far with it being in memory of Barb Lister. Something tells me she would have loved it.
Our guest speaker Albert Cote sure put some thoughts in my head I tell you. I was heading off to the sewing show to buy some charm packs. He very bluntly told us they were useless and just to purchase material buy the yard. I actually spoke to him at the sewing show and we had a giggle or two about it.
Talking about the sewing show, did anyone else go. Didn't think it was a great success, thought the spring show was better and had better deals.

Well I guess the only think left to say is Bon Voyage Irene and see you in.......................

see you all next month

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