Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Where are all the quilt shops??

Ladies, I thought I would pass on some info about my recent trip to Florida. Just like always I look at our route and plan out which quilt shops I will stop at on the way. I am allowed ( %%$*!!) to find ones that are no more that 5 miles off the beaten path. In total around 5 plus the bonus ones that a visitor centre gave me (not updated I may add). All together my hubby drove me to 9 shops. In my total unbelievable surprise 7 of these shops had closed. The stores I did visit mentioned the economy had destroyed so many small businesses and to call ahead next time. Sooooo, I just want to pass on that info. Call ahead so you don't waste your time. We did end up laughing a lot, me blaming Bill for calling ahead to warn them I was coming and not to let me in. Very disappointing thats for sure. Also some states still has material in Walmart and some do not. Again very disappointing. I did purchase what I wanted but still cannot find orange sequins!! go figure. The shining point of the trip was once again Jo-ann Fabrics. It was literally the only shining point, we were in Florida for a week and saw sun for about 10 hours in total and the temp got up to 12 one day. I think we need to later in the year.

Happy sewing gals, see you next meeting


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Anonymous said...

Glad to hear that you are not wasting time lying around in the sun drinking strawberries dee's!!! delivered by your poor hubby.

That is sad ! and think of all the poor quilters who have no where to shop now............I went to St Petes 4 years ago and had the same problem.........

Enjoy the rest of your holiday

Pres Irene