Saturday, July 3, 2010

Presentation to the Heart & Stroke Foundation

We presented the Red Dress quilt to the Heart & Stroke Foundation at our June meeting. The photo with the following text was sent to the local newspapers.

Members of the Caledonia Grand River Quilters’ Guild made a quilt based on the Red Dress motif of the Heart & Stroke Foundation. The quilt was made in memory of Barb Lister. Barb was a member of the guild at the time of her sudden death due to heart disease. A presentation of the quilt to the Heart & Stroke Foundation was made on Wednesday June 9th. Pictured in the photo from left to right are Bernadette Forbes (top) the designer of the quilt, Tanya (Barb’s daughter), Glenn Lister (Barb’s husband), Penny Weir (Program Co-Ordinator Heart & Stroke Foundation, and Jessica Lalonde (summer student working for the H & S Foundation).

Also at the June meeting we voted on the Ugly Fabric Challenge. Wow - every single person who signed up completed their project.
I must have been pouting over not winning in any of the categories because I seem to have misplaced the list of winners. YOU know who you are, you dirty rascals!

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