Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Summer, September, October

We enjoy sewing days in July and August, even though we don't have meetings. After the August sewing day a few of the gals went to Helen-Mary's for a pot luck supper. It was a lovely summer day, but much too windy to sit outside. We'd have been chasing our lettuce across the patio.  l - r :  Hanna, Helen-Mary, Dineke, Sue, Lydia.  Christine took the photo.
As we do every year, the guild had a booth at the Caledonia Fair. Many of our members volunteer, usually in four hour slots, to staff the booth. Here is Candace holding down the fort and holding UP the quilt she'd been working on.
Our September meeting was a Penny Sale which got a little out of hand.  The wee buckets where you drop your tickets got a bit mixed up, so members were winning items they had no intention of bidding on.  Then some items were surreptitiously dropped back ON the tables and had to be forced on members redistributed.

October's meeting will be a relay race.  All attendees will be divided into two teams.  Each team will each be responsible for making 20 nine-patch units.  The losing team must bring treats to the meetings for the rest of the year.

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