Sunday, April 14, 2013

what happened in April

April's program was a demo/talk about landscape quilts, by Debra Allen from the Hagersville area.  She came with lots of books, lots of samples, and lots of ideas.

At the end of the evening, after we've had our fill of the wonderful treats brought in by the current month's volunteers, the kitchen cleanup gets taken care of by a couple more gals who have volunteered for the year.

Happy/sad.  We lost one of our guild members to cancer.  We made a quilt in her memory and gave it to the family - about 10 family members came to accept our presentation.  There were a few tears shed...

And more happy/sad.  One of my customers gave me a large stack of fabric that she was cleaning out of her stash.  Who does that???  Anyways - I made up kits and several gals took them home.  Here is the first of what will eventually be 11 quilts made for the Juravinsky hospital in Hamilton, to be given to chemo patients.
Coming up in May:
Wednesday May 8th our guest speaker will be Rosemary Makhan from Burlington.  Check out her web site by clicking HERE.

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