Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Cross Border Quilting

August is not a typical choice for quilt shows, but it worked out really well for five of our members.  Summer is a wonderful time to travel and experience holidays with your friends.  We loaded up our weekender suitcases and headed down the highway to Caledonia, NY for a quilt show by our adopted sister guild.  They refer to themselves as the Caledonia Guild, NY Office.  Ha ha - too cute.

Caledonia, NY is a very old, very pretty town.  I was joking that I think the Stepford Wives must live there - it was so clean and tidy. The quilt show was in a beautiful school where the guild had quilts hung in two gymnasiums.  Lots of quilts.  A surprising number of quilts for a small guild.

This is a wee selection of the quilts I thought looked nice and scrappy (in honour of OUR new Scrappy Club).

We stayed at the Genesee Country Inn - a beautiful bed & breakfast that is a former mill.  The bedrooms were pretty but not fussy, and each boasted a private bathroom.  The beds were super comfy and breakfast was delicious - lasting for a couple of hours, relaxing over coffee.  The owners were friendly and chatty, making us feel really welcome.
Over the next year our guilds will be making cross-border challenge quilts for each other that are destined for donation to our respective Quilts of Valour programs.  So far we have given each other 3 yards of fabric, with a deadline of June 2014 to complete a quilt, approximately sized 72 x 90.  With luck we can arrange a picnic day next June or July to swap the completed quilts and get better acquainted face-to-face rather than via facebook. 

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