Thursday, July 3, 2014


Before our season officially ended for the summer, a couple of our members made new aprons for the church ladies.

Some of the gals were away last week on a BUS TRIP to SHIPSHEWANA.  Do you suppose they bought any fabric?  ha ha ha...
They seem to have gotten some quilting time in.
And it looks like they ate!
We have another trip coming up in August - a few of us will be heading to the USA to swap challenge quilts with our sister guild in Caledonia, NY.  I guess that summertime is all about getting-away-from-it-all.

For July and August we don't have a regular meeting, but we DO still get together in the daytime for our sewing days - 9:30 till 4-ish.  The second Wednesday.  Bring $5 to cover the rent. 

And if you're at the trailer...

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