Sunday, December 14, 2014

December's meeting & What's Coming in 2015

As a little gift for each other the members exchanged MUG RUGS.  Everyone drew a name from a hat back in October and we gifted them before supper this month.  We enjoyed our Christmas pot luck supper, then had our minimal business portion of the meeting.  Program entailed a Christmas Craft project - making PINECONES.  I think everyone finished their pinecone, which is nicer than taking home something half completed (since that usually sits on the shelf for the next 12 years.  Personally speaking, ya know?).

The real entertainment came AFTER the meeting.  Here are the emails that were floating around the next few days:

 Caledonia Quilt Guild - items left at meeting
Anne-Dec 10
Hello Everyone – The pot luck was delicious and I hope you had a great time making the pine cones. 
 These items were left in the hall at the end of the meeting ....
- a black & white mug rug, the bag has Sharon McB’s name on it.
- a plastic water bottle with a turquoise top
- a black Selections cookie tin with 1/2 doz. cookies in it.
 Let me know if any of these items are yours and I will bring them to the January meeting.
 Merry Christmas Everyone .....     Anne
helen-mary-Dec 11
Anne, fill the water bottle with Baileys, put it on the mug rug, and eat the half dozen cookies.
Janice-Dec 11
Hahaha, great idea!
Gail-Dec 11
I agree
monica-Dec 11
had a great time making pine cone- great dinner  thanks for sweet Mud mug.– lots of laughs-Merry Christmas all- Monica
Lydia-Dec 11
Someone left their BOM kit on the craft table last night! If you want it to do call me (Lydia)cause I have time! If I don't receive a call, I will sew up the block myself and have two in!
Christine-Dec 11
Hi Everyone
MERRY CHRISTMAS and a very happy new year.  (For me at least I feel very fortunate to be here - last Christmas spent in hospital was awful).   Thank you all for your kind words and for taking care of me!
Really great meeting Anne, wonderful food - maybe we should put out a cookbook!!!
Thanks Lydia for the pine cone instructions, sorry I couldn't stay I was so tired (I was out Tuesday night teaching the star styrofoam ball to a youth group at Carluke Presbyterian Church).  Boy those kids have energy!
Hope everyone can enjoy some "Baileys" Helen, - good idea.
See you all in 2015, I feel very fortunate to belong to such a wonderful group of ladies.
Anne-Dec 11
You just gave me my laugh for the afternoon.   Sounds good to me.    hee hee    Anne Smile
Ilda-Dec 11
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to everyone! Loved last evening potluck. I too feel very fortunate to belong the this wonderful group of ladies that welcome me with open arms. I am learning so much, thanks for sharing. The spirit of community that I experience in Caledonia reminds me of back home. Wishing you and your families a wonderful Festive Season and all the best in the New Year!
Sue-Dec 11
What a great meeting last night….the best part was the spontaneous singing while we were doing our craft. It sounded so happy and festive.  Merry Christmas to all of you and your families and see you in the New Year.  Scrappy Club had 20 members signup so cost will be less than $25.00 but the numbers are not yet final.
Thank you all on behalf of your Program Committee.
FlorisAnn-Dec 11
I can only say "AMEN" to each wonderful note that has come into my e-mail box...
Sharon-8:56 PM
Oops guess I left my mugrug thanks Anne for picking it up.  What a great day Wed was sewing and socializing all day then eating and socializing then crafting, socializing and singing in the evening.  This member could not have asked for more.  Thanks to all for a great year I have learned so much and am looking forward to more sewing and fellowship in 2015.
 Merry Christmas to all...Sharon

Coming at the 2015 meetings:
 January - teaching techniques stations
February - Ila Swayze on quilt judging
March - scrappy Quilt trunk show by members
April -Noshi  Gulati
May - Penny Sale of quilt stuff
June - Potluck

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