Friday, January 22, 2016

Block Exchange and January Design & Stitch

For a year or two our guild was running a Block Exchange of half-square triangle blocks.  Currently, we are running an exchange of 4-patch blocks.

  • Signup of members is required. 
  • Pick a size and simple block (half square, 9-patch, 4-patch, etc.).
  • Provide instructions - not everyone knows the difference between 'finished size' and 'unfinished size'.  Make it clear that fabrics must be 100% cotton AND must be prewashed.
  • Set a guideline for the colours (ours was a light neutral AND an assigned colour each month).
  • Every month you make one block for each member of the group (including yourself), based on the required colour scheme.
  • Give your blocks to the group leader in a ziplock bag clearly marked with your name.
  • The leader of the group marks off your package each month and sorts the collection into piles for each member that you can take home at the end of the meeting. 
  • If someone does not bring their blocks they need to bring them the next month.  Also, the group leader would have to retain this member's blocks that were contributed by everyone else.
  • If you want to collect blocks for the guild to use in outreach quilts, have all members make ONE EXTRA BLOCK each month, and this will go into the guild kitty.  These add up pretty quickly.

Our Program for January and February is making three outreach quilts, using our collection of blocks.  We were split into three teams and given large stacks of these half-square blocks.  They all need to be squared up because, well, you know, everyone's 1/4" seam is a little bit different.
We are having a 'challenge' to create the most interesting/attractive quilts and there will be prizes.  Everyone loves prizes, right?
On February 10th we will be continuing our work on these quilts and hope to have the tops assembled.  See ya there!!

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