Sunday, March 12, 2017

March Donation Quilt Tops, and Emergency Program Idea

The program plan for our March meeting was to have a sewing bee to stitch up a bunch of donation quilt tops.  The process started back in January when I bribed a guild friend with supper and wine.  She came over and helped me put together kits for quilt tops, using the blocks that have been collected over the years.  Here is one of them laid out on my workroom table.  I took a photo of the layout and enclosed it in the Ziploc baggie with all the 'parts'.

Our guild president squared up all the half-squares and stitched the top together.
We got started on sewing EARLY in the afternoon.  By 5 pm it was apparent that there would be nothing left to do when our meeting started at 7 pm.
The program lady in charge (me!) said a few bad words and searched around pleading for help.  Lots of "sure I'll help you - whatever you need" but no "here's an idea for tonight...."

We started with a show 'n tell of the completed tops.
Three completed tops from the half-squares that were collected during a few years worth of swaps.  There is still ONE MORE that needs another hour of sewing.
A sampler from the 'sample' blocks that are required when someone presents Block of the Month.
Somebody won the Block of the Month but donated the blocks back to the guild.

Some of the members enjoying the impromptu quilt show.
Steal... I mean BORROW a flip chart from the church.  Have the members discuss and doodle ideas for quilting some of the tops.  We had some wonderful ideas and some pretty good doodles.
Cynthia and Bill from Cherished Pieces Quilt Shop will be attending with a demo/lesson and product for sale.  Bring cash. 😁

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