Friday, January 12, 2018

December & January meetings

Goodness knows where the time went, but I neglected to update the blog from our December meeting.  You're getting a two-fer in this post.

Our mission after filling our bellies with a pot luck supper was to make a felt Christmas ornament.
Many little felt squares strung on a heavy thread.

Our fearless leader of the project - just too darned happy for words. 😀
We were educated by Anita Zobens of Cotton Mill Threadworks on the subject of threads & quilting.

She brought a good supply of stock for us to shop from.  I started out the night with money in my wallet, but Anita went home with it in hers.  Heh, heh, heh.

We also had the showing of Challenge #1 - the Kleenex Box Challenge.

Ten members brought in completed quilts that were made using inspiration from a Kleenex box.  Sadly, I think a few quilts have turned into UFOs...hopefully we will see them in the coming months.


  • We will have two demo stations set up and they will run for a half hour each.  One will cover Paper Piecing and the other will cover Scalloped Borders.
  • Signup will be open for Challenge #2 - Leftover Bits & UFOs.  Sign up and pay $5.00 for each project you register.  Completed projects have a June 2018 deadline.  Each completed project between February and June will get you one ballot.  We will be drawing for the amount paid into the pot.  If there is a substantial amount we'll draw more than one number and split the pot between the winners.

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