Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Better Late Than Never - From The June Meeting & A NEW Season

We celebrate the end of our quilting season and the beginning of summer with a pot luck supper at our June meeting.  Here are some of the ladies waiting for the opportunity to sample some wonderful cooking.

One of our projects this past year was a quilt we made and donated to the Caledonia Agricultural Society.  This will be raffled off and the proceeds used for building renovations.

This is a leftover from a group project LAST year.  One of our members took it home and got it quilted, so it went in our pile earmarked for donation to a needy community member.

If you'd like to investigate quilting as a hobby, feel free to join us for our season-opening meeting.

Details, price & location in the sidebar.  Members have access to an extensive library of quilting and stitchery books.  And of course, access to many skilled members who are happy to lead newbies by the hand.

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