Saturday, January 4, 2020

December Events & January info

The most exciting thing that happened was our visit from Mrs. Claus.

She was instructed to keep us in line during our pot luck supper.

And then she made sure we voted fairly, and only once, for our favorite challenge project.

Afterwards we started on our holiday craft activity.

What the heck???...

OK, getting a little closer.  It just needs a button and a hanging string.

If you'd like to see some that were properly made you'll have to go to Pinterest. 😁

JANUARY 8, 2020

Meeting starts at 7 pm.  Bring your coffee mug, your show 'n share, any library books that are due back, and your baggie of charm squares (if you're in the swap group).
The program will be a trunk show by Bernadette Forbes.

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