Saturday, July 1, 2023

Pics from the June meeting, and the Summer Schedule

In my rush to get to the June meeting, which was a pot luck dinner, I forgot my phone so I couldn't take photos.  Thankfully, the "other" Helen kindly took them on her Ipad and forwarded them to me.  I should give her that job permanently...she takes much better photos than me.

Here's the BOG COAT which was a challenge put to the members.  

Here are the Show 'N Share quilts made by the members.  As always, an impressive display from our talented gals.

 That's it for the current season.  Our regular meetings will start again on Wednesday Sept. 13th and continue until June 12, 2024.  Membership fees will be $50 again.  This pays for TEN meetings and a monthly guild newsletter, along with access to our extensive guild library of quilting and sewing books.  And of course, most importantly - assistance and friendship from the 40++ members.  So save your pennies until September.  Putting aside $5/week from now until Sept. 13th will get you that cost!


There's no need to be lonesome...bring one of your projects to work on in the nice, cool, air conditioned church.  Bring your own lunch and whatever supplies you need.  Fee to attend the sewing day(s) is $7.00.  You must have the correct change.  Do not incur the wrath of our treasurer.  We love her and need her too much.  💓 

Time is 9:30 am - 4:00 pm.

Dates are Wednesday July 12th and Wednesday August 9th.

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