Monday, October 6, 2008

Plans for Guild Sewing Day, Oct 8th

I am hoping the gals who come for sewing day will help me with this quilt, which will be donated to the Quilts of Valor program, Canadian branch. The quilt will finish around 65" x 74". The top has been cut from my stash (which has not noticed anything missing!). With luck, someone will offer to piece a backing (min 70" x 79" please). With MORE luck, the guild will offer to pay for the batting, so that I may offer to donate the quilting. And someone with loving fingers could perhaps do the binding.

Where did this whole idea come from? I was reading the blog of Kimmy Brunner and was shamed by my apathy towards our soldiers. The original design for the quilt top is by Alycia but I've rewritten the instructions for quicker (I hope) piecing.

The guilds where I have a contact will also be getting a wee challenge from me. We ALL have large stashes and have an opportunity to make a difference.

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