Thursday, October 9, 2008

Sewing Day & Quilt of Valor

On our guild day, those who wish can come anytime after 9:30 am and sew all day, on whatever they want. This month we had a project to work on - a quilt being donated to Quilts of Valor.

The project arrived with Helen at 10:35.

Sue was SO EXCITED to be the first one to start sewing.

Lydia needed a little pick-me-up light.

Mary. Poor Mary sewing two lights together. No, Mary. Unsew please.

Helen ironing.
Barb cross-cutting the stripsets.

Charlotte sewing blocks together.

Dineke sewing blocks together.

Sue telling Charlotte how it SHOULD be done.

Dineke and Mary - obviously not pleased with the arrangement of strips.

Floris Ann. Yes, she really is this happy. Always.

Barb owns the local quilt shop and has generously donated batting for the quilt. Yay Barb!

Anne comes in late, walks over to the top and says "hey, these blocks are wrong!"

3:00 pm, the blocks are fixed and the borders are finished. Good job everyone. THANK YOU.

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Becky said...

your quilt is lovely, group projects are fun aren't they?!